I work on issues of value, commons, political struggle, and urban development. Under the advisement of Michael Blim, David Harvey,  and others, my work focuses on the political economy of cities, contemporary nature of capitalism, dispossession, work and labor, property relations as well as theories of post-marxism and post-colonialism specifically from a critical anthropological perspective. I am presently based in Mumbai, a city shaped by its deep history of political movement, liberatory visions, as well as many forms of domination and hierarchy.  I am researching contemporary spatial struggles in the city around urban informality and redevelopment and teaching at Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture and Environmental Studies. 

I have been involved in autonomous political movements for fifteen years in association with the anti-globalization movement as well as anti-war, pro-commons, participatory democracy, Zapatistismo, queer and anti-racist politics. These activities have connected me to collaborators in political networks across U.S., Europe, and Latin America, and more recently in India and South Africa. In recent years I have been involved in collective inquiries around the financial crisis, housing and debt struggles, urban and university movements with the 16 Beaver Group and others. In 2010, I founded an editorial house called Common Notions whose mission is to publish books dedicated to advancing debates within contemporary political movements.

I can be reached at mkanuga@gradcenter.cuny.edu.