DOCTORAL Research 

“When We Demand Our Share of This World”: Struggles for Space, New Possibilities of Planning, and Municipalist Politics In Mumbai

People's Development Planning and the Authoring of
New State-Society Relations in Mumbai

This doctoral research investigates recent and unprecedented urban mobilizations in Mumbai over the forthcoming twenty-year Development Plan (2014–2034). It applies a variety of ethnographic field methods to investigate Hamara Shehar Vikas Niyojan Abhiyan, a diverse class, caste, and religious consortium of slum dwellers and informal workers, planners, architects, and activists who have come together to articulate a broad vision of inclusive urban development. The research asks: How and why do broad but differentiated sectors of urban society come together to challenge institutions of urban governance?  Read More

Photo by Javed Iqbal

Photo by Javed Iqbal


"Finding sanctuary"

A special Nation series on the sanctuary movement and one family’s fight against deportation. With Laura Gottesdiener, an independent journalist and a producer at the daily television program Democracy Now!; and Cinthya Santos Briones, Mexican documentary photographer and photojournalist based in New York City.

Photo by Cinthya Santos Briones

Photo by Cinthya Santos Briones

South Asia (History and Anthropology)
Comparative Global Urbanism
Urban History and Urban Ethnography
Postcolonial Development
Social Theory (Decolonization and Postcolonialism, Marxism, Social Difference, Feminism)
Social Movements (Abolition, Autonomy, Liberation, Self-determination)
Political Economy and Society
Political Ecology, Infrastructure, and Land Conflicts
Social Reproduction Theory
Debt and Financialization
Aesthetics, Visual Culture, and Politics
Media History and Politics of Publishing

OTHER Projects

Urban Inquiries Collective

The Urban Inquiries Collective is a collaborative platform for political research and intervention in the conflicts and struggles that define urban society today. We seek to develop, support, and promote visionary ideas and liberatory practices for the autonomous organization of urban life. Read more at