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The Graduate Center, CUNY
365 5th Ave. New York, NY 10016



CUNY Graduate Center, New York, NY
PhD, Department of Anthropology, 2018
Coursework in Sociology PhD program, 2006–2008

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
Bachelor of Arts in Government, Political Philosophy, May 2004
Honors: Bartels Action Research Scholar

Honors AND Awards

Marilyn J. Gittell Dissertation Fellowship (2015 Fellow), 2015–2016
Social Science Research Council (2014 IDRF Fellow), 2014–2015
Antipode Institute for the Geographies of Justice, July 2015
AAS-SSRC Dissertation Workshop, April 2014
DSRG Summer Pre-Dissertation Travel Award, Summer 2011
Blue Mountain Research Residency, October 2010

Academic & Professional Appointments     

Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Fall 2018–Spring 2019
Department of Sociology and Anthropology
School of Social & Behavioral Sciences
Stockton University
Courses: Borders and Sanctuary / Anthropology and Colonialism / Introduction to Anthropology

Adjunct Professor of Anthropology, Spring 2018
School of Art, Media, and Technology, BFA
Parsons School of Design
Courses: “Revolution by the Book: Design, Politics, and Action”

Adjunct Professor of Anthropology, Fall 2016
M.S. Design and Urban Ecologies and M.A. Theories of Urban Practice
School of Design Strategies at Parsons, The New School
Courses: “Design and Urban Practice History Lab: The Temporal City”

Assistant Visiting Professor of Urban Theory, Fall 2014–Fall 2015
Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of Architecture and Environment Sciences (Mumbai, Maharashtra)
Courses: Urban Theory Elective “City, Commons, and Social Struggles”
Urban Theory Elective: “Architecture, Development, and Difference”
Urban Design Cell: “Right to the City: Ideas, Movements, Possibilities”
(In Coordination with Studio-X Mumbai/Columbia University)

Graduate Teaching Fellow, Fall 2009–Fall 2010
Department of Anthropology and Sociology, Baruch College
Courses: ANTH 1001, "Introduction to Cultural Anthropology," and ANTH 3161, "Power and Conflict"

Practicum Participant, Fall 2008        
Graduate Pedagogy Practicum, Queensborough Community College

Adjunct Lecturer, Fall 2007–Spring 2008
Sociology Department, Hunter College
Courses: SOC 309, "Social Movements and Social Change"

Thesis Committee Member/ Student Advisor, Fall 2007–Spring 2010
Gallatin School, NYU



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  • “Scale and Social Reproduction in the New Urban Strategy”/Geography Towards Revolution: for Neil Smith, April 11, 2013; Association of American Geographers, Los Angeles, CA

  • “The Nefarious Mobility of Those Who Will Not Be Moved: Slum Dwellers In Downtown Mumbai”/Housing, Homelessness, And Urban Capital, November 15, 2012; American Anthropological Association, San Francisco

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  • “Beneath the University, the Commons,” April 2010, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

  • “Practice and Methods of Co-Research,” April 2010, American Association of Geographers, Washington

INVITED Lectures

  • “Urban Informality and the Right to the City,” December 6, 2014; Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of Architecture

  • Research Methodologies for Radicalized Urban Pedagogy / Assembling Urban Ecologies Seminar March 1st; Design for Urban Ecology, Parsons / The New School for Design, 2013

  • “Transatlantic Connections: Commons and Crisis,” July 15, 2012, Traficantes de Suenos, Madrid, Spain

  • “Plateaus of the Crisis,” June 18–22, 2012, And And And, Documenta 13, Kassel, Germany

  • “Organizing the Commons,” June 13, 2012, University of Leicester, United Kingdom

  • “Student Debt and Commons,” June 12, 2012, University of Bologna, Italy

  • “Resisting Enclosures,” April 2010, Center for Place, Culture and Politics the Graduate Center CUNY

  • “Urban Crisis and Urban Resistance” City from Below, Spring 2009; Baltimore, MD

  • Graduate Pedagogy Practicum, 2008, Queensborough Community College.

  • Creative Time “Town Hall Meeting”, Spring 2008; New York, NY

  • Edu-Factory Presentation, Spring 2008; Online Forum (International)

  • 1968/2008 Chicago AREA: The Politics of Inheritance, The Inheritance of Politics, Spring 2008; Online Forum

Related Experience

Editor and Publisher, 2010–Present
Common Notions, Publishing/Research/Programming Platform

Member of Editorial Collective, 2010–2015
Anthropology Now (Quarterly Finding Column)

Graduate Special A Assistant, 2011–2014
Committee for the Study of Globalization and Social Change

Owner/Collective Member, 2004–2011
Bluestockings Bookstore, Activist Center and Fair Trade Café

Membership in Professional AssOCIATIONS and Societies

American Anthropological Association
The Society for Urban, National and Transnational/Global Anthropology
The Society for Economic Anthropology
American Association of Geographers